Track regulated revenue in realtime.

Veritil MVS is a real-time revenue tracking & merchant verification platform for regulated industries.

The missing link for regulatory bodies.

Veritil MVS enables the proactive tracking of revenue as it occurs and reduces the need for after-the-fact auditing and enforcement actions while providing real-time revenue analytics and centralized reporting of taxable revenue in a secure, reliable and easy to use web based UI.

Behind the scenes the VERITIL platform maintains a secure monitored link, using high-grade encryption, between retailers and the regulatory body which not only optimizes the reporting process and ensures the highest levels of privacy for the business owner but ensures a continual and complete reporting of all taxable revenue.

Streamlined Compliance for Merchants

Merchants gain a simplified compliance workflow.

Streamlined Regulatory Communication

MVS continually communicates with regulatory bodies and ensures compliance.

Hassle Free Month-End Reporting

MVS makes end of the month reporting simple, easy and always in compliance.

Secure Web Based Reporting Portal

Securely access real-time reports regardless the POS that you use.

3rd Party Monitoring of Critical Systems

SMS alerts are sent to both merchants and regulators.

Improved Visibility for Regulators

Regulatory bodies benefit from real-time revenue visibility which enables greater clarity for budgeting and planing.

Real-time Visibility

Real-Time revenue visibility means you always know what to expect.

Device Level Tamper Protection

Continually ensure all POS endpoints are securely connected and reporting at all times.

Granular Reporting

Customizable reports can be generated by location, district, city, county or state.

Fraud Protection and Prevention

Predictive Fraud Protection built in so it's clear when somethings not quite right.

Veritil MVS plugs into these point of sale solutions: